“Your father has died”

May 29, 2011

Not creepy but weird…

My dad died almost a year ago (10/21/09) and the day he died, that morning I had a dream, I was in my house in Uruguay with a lot of people, there was a lot of noise and people talking in spanish, we were having a party or something (I could hear my sister’s laugh) when all of the sudden the phone rings, I pick up and someone says to me in english “Your father has died”.

I woke up right at that moment and didn’t pay attention to the dream (my father had been in the hospital for almost a week at that point) so I was expecting such dreams, the weird thing is that in that hellish week my dad was in a coma I NEVER experienced anything like it, it just happened on the day he died, which also happened to be the very first day after my 21st birthday.

-Posted by juanbomb; ONTDCreepy


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