You Can’t Do This To Me

May 29, 2011

I played with the Quija board before. The marker moved and answered from questions. I won’t play with it again.

My manager played with Quija Board when she was younger in Mexico. Early 20s. She experienced freaky shit. She and 2 other people (sister and sister’s friend) played with it. After playing, she personally put the board inside a box next to a tall vase located in a closet on near the kitchen. The 2 people went out to grab something at the store, leaving my manager alone in the 2 story house.

As soon my manager went upstairs to her room, She started hearing this LOUDDDD commotion coming from downstairs (1st floor) so she freaked out. She didn’t know what to do. When the commotion stopped, she heard this lady shouting in Spanish saying things like “you can’t do this to me….” as well as profanities. My manager wanted to jump out of her window to call for help. There werent cell phones at that time.

Forunately, she didn’t jump because her sister and sis’s friend got home. My manger told them what’d happened. They went to the closet. The tall vase was broken and the Quija board was out of the box.

– Posted by juggarnut; ONTDCreepy


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