We asked him if he was going to answer

May 29, 2011

I was 17, and in order to get a camp leader certificate, I went to a 1-week group training. The training took place in an old farm, in the Pyrennees (Southern France mountains). It was a very isolated place, surrounded by a forest, with no signs of civilisation anywhere you would look at (except for the teens walking outside, cellphones in hand, trying to get a signal…)

So there I am, trying to make friends since I don’t want to spend the week alone, when I met this guy. He was 16 (in fact, the youngest member of the camp), he had a lot of different origins (spanish, brazilian, indian, and then I don’t remember…). His name was Ganesh, his hindu mother had named him after the Ganesha divinity. He was very smart, always curious and having something to say or to ask.

On one evening, we were having a smoke outside with a girl named Alice, whom we had just met earlier this day. He began to tell us about his family mansion in Brazil, where he grew up with his brother, and that this home was haunted by his ancestors. He used to discuss all night with his grandmother, who was dead before his birth. All his family believed in it (or was also doing it), and for him it was pretty normal for one to speak to your long-dead relatives… Being a future redditor, an atheist and a scientific person, I couldn’t believe him. Alice was agreeing with me, and we wanted proofs of it. He just told to wait till everyone sleeps and meet in the hall. So we did.

There was a fire burning in the chimney, so we moved a table and 3 chairs next to it, as we didn’t wanted to light up the room to create an atmosphere. He draw a simple ouija on a piece of paper, put a glass on it, and each one of us put a finger on it. He explained us that he would try to call his grandma, and that she would answer to us by moving the glass. (I don’t know how a ouija is supposed to be used, but this is how we did it). He then started to speak in portuguese, faster and faster, louder and louder. I was looking at the girl, she looked like me, disbelieving, but waiting for something to happen. And then the glass started moving. I wasn’t very sure he wasn’t the one moving the glass, but way too curious to interrupt him. He said the spirit wasn’t his grandmother, so we asked ‘him’ who he was. The glass spelled the name L.O.U.I.S very slowly. At that moment, I was thinking that maybe Ganesh wasn’t lying, but still refusing to accept it. We asked questions after questions, until one wasn’t answered (it’s a shame I can’t remember what was the question, but this was 5 years ago..). We asked him if he was going to answer, and the glass said NO, then we asked why ?

What happened next was the scariest moment of my life. The glass exploded, and at the very same time the fire collasped on itself, leaving us in the dark. I had put myself a big log of wood in the fireplace, there were big flames on it, there was no way it could shut down so quickly. We were so frightened we jumped out of our chairs and started running and screaming till we were in a bedroom, sitting on a bed, staring at each other without saying anything.

The following day I kept asking Alice if she knew him before, or if they had planned this to scare me, but she told me spent the night thinking this way about me.

I have never seen this people again, and it’s a shame, as he was a great person and I would have loved to live another experience like this.

Sorry if this story is a little long, but I have never told anyone about this, so I needed to get it out of me.

PS : Ganesh, if you happen to be a redditor and read this, please excuse the flaws in my memories, and PM me !

– Posted by dontaskmewhere; Reddit


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