Walking Down The Hallway And Crying.

May 29, 2011

All I’ve got to offer is this: When I was about thirteen years old, I went to a lock in at my church (which is the oldest church in the state and one of the only buildings in my city to survive Bleeding Kansas). It was just me, about 10 of my friends, and the 20 something year old guy that was our youth group leader. One of my friends was really tired so she went to take a nap in the only quiet part of the church–the sanctuary. I followed her for some weird reason. Anyway, she laid down and went to sleep and I started looking around. Right in front of me I saw an old woman, dressed entirely in black with a slight hunchback walking down the hallway and crying. I was, naturally a bit freaked out because I knew the doors were locked and no one could get in, but she looked far too solid to be a ghost and I had never heard of a ghost haunting my church. So the next morning I went home and told my mom, who worked at the church at the time, about what I had seen. She confirmed that the exact same old woman had been scene on a few other occasions by people who had been in the church late at night when the doors were locked. In other weird, creepy-ness, I’ve successfull predicted two deaths, both for healthy people. One was a 40 year old woman who had a heart attack and then fell down some stairs and the other was a gentleman who was outside shoveling snow, slipped on ice, and hit his head on the sidewalk.

– Posted by thesilverymoon; ONTDCreepy

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