Just Close Your Eyes And Go Back To Sleep

May 29, 2011

When I was 10, my grandma came from Haiti to live with us. Since another relative was also coming soon, I had to give up my room, and share a room with my grandmother. I absolutely hated the room I was going to be sharing with her. Every time I went in it, I always felt odd tinglings and suddenly I would feel scared, even when it was daylight. I explain this to my mom but she brushed it aside. Since I’d be with grandma I figured it would be alright. One night as we’re going to sleep, my grandmother randomly asks me in Haitian creole(Didn’t know english), “Ever see something odd in this room?” I answered no, and she simply replied, “I see.” Eventually I fell asleep. I awoke to someone shaking my chest. I thought it was my grandma waking me for some reason, but when I open my eyes, a shadowy figure with grayish haze was apparently gazing down on me. As I laid there scared shitless, my grandma suddenly says, “Just close your eyes, and go back to sleep.” So I close my eyes while still trembling, and whatever it was presses more against my chest. Then I hear my grandma say in a heavily confident and intimating voice, “Whoever you are you better get the hell out of this house! This is God’s house, and he’s always watching over us!” Then she started saying a psalm in creole. I didn’t know which psalm it was at the time, but later found out it was psalms 121. Anyways, the weight that was pressed against my chest suddenly dissipated. Then my grandmother tells me not to worry, and it’s gone now. I stayed awake till morning. I tried asking my grandma about it, but she just shooed away my questions. The very next night, I was awoken by loud knockings coming from the window. I got up from the bed to see who it was, as my older brother sometimes did this when he forgot his keys when he went partying. Immediately my grandmother tells me to go back to bed. I explain that it could be Vladimir, but she just answers it isn’t. I didn’t ask any questions as I was once again disturbed. This continued for a few more nights, then it stopped completely. I also stopped getting those weird tinglings when I went to the room.

– Posted by dragonandante ; Reddit


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