And Filed a Poltergeist Report

May 29, 2011

My friend’s apartment had a poltergeist once, but it wasn’t that dramatic — furniture and stuff would get moved around while no one was home. The most surprising instance was when we were out with him for a few hours, and when we got back the laundry machine was in the kitchen.

There might have been a rational explanation, but we never figured it out.

The machine was in perfect working order. It was normally in one of those washer-dryer alcoves in the laundry space adjacent to the kitchen. It had basically been pulled into the kitchen as far as the power cord and water hoses would allow.

My friend actually called the police over it, since it was the “last straw” for him. An officer came and filed a poltergeist report.

By an odd coincidence, someone whose voice none of us recognized had also left a long and entirely pointless rant full of racist slurs on his answering machine that afternoon. (The phone call was extremely odd. My friend, who is half black, had no enemies to speak of, and that sort of attitude is basically unheard of in our corner of Canada.) This heightened the on-edge feeling we all had, and made us feel as though my friend was being watched or haunted.

Edit: I just remembered — a few times that week, my friend had gotten calls where the person (I assume) on the other end would stay silent for a bit, then hang up.

tl/dr: Furniture being mysteriously moved around and bizarre phone calls made for a very creepy week.

– Posted by captainhaddock; Reddit

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