and she saw a perfect noose hanging from his closet rail where you hang shirts.

May 27, 2011

A few years before I was born my brother Tom had some really scary stuff happen to him. This occurred in the late 1970s in the winter months. My father told me about this, and recently my brother confirmed it.

One night my mother and her friend were playing with a Ouija board when my father was out working. They were having a few drinks and just relaxing. They got spooked and put it away. No big deal.

About two nights later a ghost of a boy visited my brother demanding to be friends, scared the shit out my brother. The kid wouldn’t let up, sometimes he wouldn’t appear to my brother visually but only audibly. Well Tom tried ignoring him, and my parents though it was just your usual imaginary friend stuff. That was until the my brother started showing bruises, scratches, and clumps of his hair missing. He started wetting the bed, at age 8 and he’d never done it before. My mother would be out of the room and hear him having conversations with this ghost saying stuff like “leave me alone” and “I’m not your friend, go away” and my brother would be really insistent that this apparition should fuck off. Getting really kid angry at it.

Well one day my mother was cleaning his room and she saw a perfect noose hanging from his closet rail where you hang shirts. She was freaked out and demanded to know why Tom had made it. Tom said “I keep telling you mom, HE did it”.

They moved out the next day. From that point on my brother never had a problem with the ghost again. A few years later after I was born my mom ran into somebody at an art class who knew who the original owners were. She explained that a murder suicide happened there in the 1950s a few years after it was built.

If anyone is interested in looking up the house and researching it, PM me. I’ll try to get the address off my Dad.

EDIT: I forgot to say the freakiest part of all the noose was made with my brother’s own clothes! Can’t believe I forgot that part.

– Posted by planafuneral; Reddit


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