When Suddenly We Heard My Dog Barking

May 25, 2011

Once, my girlfriend and I were having a bit of a quiet night, when we decided we would make some noodles. I thought I’d make some extra to feed to my dog, who we had been playing with that night. We ate our noodles and fed the dog, and went and sat on the couch to watch some tv.

The dog had finished her noodles and came to sit on our feet.

All the doors in the house were shut + locked, and are impossible for the dog to open. We have glass sliding doors, which were also locked.

We were sitting around when suddenly we heard my dog barking. We looked outside the glass sliding door to see her staring back at us with a look that can only be described as ‘the fuck, let me back in’.

She is a placid german shephard and I have never seen this look on her face. She was fearful and angry, and hesitant of us. We let her back in, and for about an hour she was afraid of us.

To this day, we have no idea how she got outside. No one let her outside, no one left doors open.

We didn’t even feel her get up from our feet. She was there one minute, and outside barking the next.

Strangest thing I have ever witnessed.

tl;dr: My dog teleported outside.

– Posted by leahcimic; Reddit


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