As they passed underneath the ship, the entire vessel shuddered

May 25, 2011

Growing up,my dad was the Captain for the merchant marines; he was hired by a private firm to captain a large shipping vessel. This was where i spent the first 5 years of my life, going from ship to ship, depending on where my father was assigned. Once, very vividly i remember an overcast day. My father, being the ship’s captain has his own private deck overlooking the Ocean, where I was. It was dusk and the sun was a magnificent fiery orange as it was setting. I was watching when all of a sudden 3 orbs, in the formation of an isosceles triangle and about 20 yards under water zip under the ship toward the horizon. They were traveling very, very quickly as they moved through the ocean. The color of the orbs was almost white, but could best be described as a very, very bright blue. As they passed underneath the ship, the entire vessel shuddered, but very slightly. I looked up to my dad for reassurance or an explanation, but he just stared at the direction in which the orbs traveled, and said something in Italian to the chief engineer. I don’t understand Italian, so I can’t recount what was said, but i understood the ominous tone.

It is one of the most vivid memories I have, i never really spoke of it to my Dad since we aren’t close, but the one time I did he grew instantly distant of our conversation and tried in a petty attempt to change the subject. I got the idea and i acquiesced. When i asked my mom she told me that there are many things my dad experienced during his time in the oceans, and most of them he doesn’t care to recount.

This is the first time i have related this story outside of my family. I never have because I knew no one would believe me and possibly think less of me, this could also be the reason my dad never did the same either.

Well, thanks to this thread and the curiosity of you guys I grew the courage to actually call my dad. After the usual pleasantries i inquired as to the event.

Here is the incredibly odd part: He didn’t immediately recollect it. Not due to the fact that it was uncircumstantial, but due to the fact of the sheer AMOUNT of inexplicable encounters. When i went into greater detail, he remembered. He said that id indeed did happen and that it was larger than i had remembered, and that he had encounter the same “vessel” not only that time, but 3 other times.

– Posted by turbojeebus; Reddit


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