As Far As The Lock Allowed

May 25, 2011

Never had the opportunity to write about something creepy as it’s happening… and it’s definitely not at all what you’d expect. I’m in my office building right now, broad daylight, open windows, sunny outside, coworkers sort of nearby… but I sit closest to the back entrance of the building, which is comprised of two automatically opening double doors made of glass.

The outer glass doors slide open if anyone walks near them. The inner ones are always locked and someone has to walk up and use a remote to open them for visitors, as there are very few walk-ins at a financial company like ours. We’re also in the back of an office park, so the area is very nice and filled with tall trees, but very lonely and empty. Directly outside the back entrance, an old-growth forest stretches away for miles.

I was inspired to start writing about what I’ve seen today after it happened for a third time, just now. Twice today, once at around 8 am, and once at 10 am, I saw the outer doors open spontaneously. I am the only one that can see them from where I sit, and I’m partially hidden behind a plant that I put up in my cubicle so the rare visitor wouldn’t see me and assume I was a secretary or something. I’ve worked here for a year, and never seen those doors open by themselves… but that’s not the weird part.

All three times today that I’ve seen this happen, a few moments later the inner doors clinked against their locking mechanism and I could see them split apart about a quarter of an inch – as far as the lock allowed. I’ve now sat here and watched the phenomenon three times, and these doors are completely transparent, so I can see that nobody’s there…

Each time, I also felt overwhelming fear and the urge to hide in the corner of my cubicle behind the obscuring plant. At first I chalked it up to playing along with my inner child, but I realize now that I felt the inexplicable fear at the first occurrence, too… before I knew something weird was happening. It’s like my animal brain is terrified of something over there, something testing the doors, something looking in through the glass… something from the dim forest behind the building, testing the edges of civilization, looking in on another world…

– Posted by M59Gar; Nosleep


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