A Freezing Hand Grab My Shoulder

May 25, 2011

When I was 6 years old, the neighborhood kids, my sister and myself would go to this house in the back of the trailer park we lived in at the tie. It was an old dilapidated 2 story house with an attic as big as one of the other floors. The inside of the house was basically gutted, the second floor was completely missing having rotted through but, the attic was perfectly fine, no rot or weak areas. The stair case was demolished and we had all built a makeshift staircase out of furniture that we had to climb to get to the attic. One day, I was the last one to climb up and the bottom piece was an old refrigerator with a missing door and wire racks and we would use the racks to climb to the top. Everyone else had already gotten to the attic and I was halfway up the fridge when I felt a freezing hand grab my shoulder and push me hard into the fridge, banging against one of the racks. I even had a bruise on my shoulder from where I had felt myself get pushed that was in the shape of a hand, none of the other kids were strong enough to push me so hard (all of us were under the age of 10) and leave a massive welt like the one I had, nothing had fallen or gotten knocked over so it wasn’t another object and nobody had thrown anything at me because the angle my back was facing was against a wall. My shirt sleeve got stuck on one of the wire sticking out and my sister had t climb back down and rip my shirt to free me because the wire wouldn’t pull out. After she had ripped my shirt, I tried to move my arm to keep climbing and I still felt stuck, turns out the force of whatever grabbed and shoved me shoved my arm into one of the wire racks and my mom and dad had to come and free me this time, when they pulled the metal out of my arm, a piece of meat the size of a small rubber ball came with it. I still have the scar and and indention in my arm from it. This is only one of the stories I have that are like this and some are even worse. It’s gotten to the point that I feel like something may be following me.

I feel comfortable talking about all of them, it’s just the weirdness of it all and the feelings whenever it happens. That was the first thing like it that ever happened to me and was the start of it all I believe, as I grew up, stranger things would happen and I have plenty of stories from another trailer park I had grew up in for 9 years after living in the one mentioned in the story above. But, it was the house we moved into when I was 14 when things really kicked in, lights going on and off, water turning on and turning off, knocks on doors and such. My grandfather, who was legally blind and had some trouble walking but used a regular cane just fine, health started to deteriorate after we moved into that house, I feel he got the worst end of it. I was sitting on the couch and watching tv and he was walking to his room using his cane when I felt something push my face to look in the direction he was watching, it felt icy like the hand from earlier (this feeling of cold and being pushed/shoved/pinched/pulled happened all the time with no reason through out my life and still happens) and when my head turned I watched as my grandpas cane was swept out from under him, he didn’t misstep and he didn’t trip, it looked like something pushed his cane out from under him and he collapsed immediately to the floor. He ended up going to a nursing home for treatment and rehab nearby and was there for a few weeks and got better very fast and was able to walk after another couple weeks of at home therapy I did with him. A couple days after he was back to walking, I asked him to come outside and sit on the porch with me for lunch and he stepped up and over the step just fine started walking towards me and his right shoulder flew back and he fell backwards, he was never able to walk again after that happened and had a huge welt on his shoulder, people thought I did it but, I was the closest person to him and I took care of him when my father didn’t want to, including lifting him in and out of his bed after he became bedridden because of the falls (which I still call bullshit, he didn’t fall, something did this to him). There are also pictures of my grandpa in that house with what people call orbs, now I know orbs don’t always mean paranormal, they are usually just balls of energy. But he’s surrounded by them in most of the pictures from that house. Whenever something was happening he always called my name out and I would go look and see and he would have pinch marks on his skin like me, bruises, another time was he was sitting there watching tv and his head jerked backwards and blood started pouring from his nose and that same day a black eye started developing. My grandfather passed away December 20th last year, and sadly because of my father I hadn’t seen him in a few months because I was trying to get away fro my father’s abusiveness and the day and time my grandpa died, I felt sick and had trouble breathing, my grandpa had choked to death on his food. Ever since he passed away I keep a vial of his ashes with me and A week after he died I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard talking and got out of my bed and used the bathroom, I went back to bed and looked over at the closet and I see a man wearing an old fashoined military uniform, about 19 or 20 in age with blonde hair and a slight droopy eye like my grandfather had, I wasn’t scared, I was at peace and he walked over to my side of the bed and poked me in the arm and said “poke” then walked back to the closet where a woman about 23 or 24 was standing in late 40’s era dress and they both smiled at me and he said he would be there whenever I felt I needed him. This is the most creepy moment in my life because I dug out a picture of my grandpa when he was in the war and found a picture of him when he had came back from Korea and was greeted by my grandmother, the clothes were exactly the same and they looked identical, the poke thing is what got me bad because when my grandpa would look sad I would poke him over and over and say poke as I did it and it always would put a full smile on his face. My grandmother also died 3 days after my 1st birthday and my mom who hates my father and disliked my grandmother said she saw my grandmother tuck my blanket in and coo at me for about 5 minutes before just disappearing a week after she passed away. She had never seen my grandmother do that ever before. I actually haven’t had any strange occurrences since I saw my grandfather except a door slamming in front of me and a light turning on in the other room as it slammed. And I promise there are plenty more stories where this one are from.

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