May 25, 2011

old climbing frame which we used to sit on and chat. This park was surrounded by a waist high wooden fence, with a entrance about 4 foot wide where a path ran though.

One night we were all sat on the climbing frame chatting. One of my friends went to walk to the shop and stopped in the entrance to the park to ask if anyone wanted anything. While he stood there I noticed what could only be described as a ball of light, about the size of a football/soccer ball, move slowly from one side of the fence, behind my friends legs, and behind the other side of the fence. I don’t know why but what I saw didn’t really register, and I kinda just ignored it thinking that my eyes were probably playing tricks. A few minutes past and I was still thinking about it. Eventually I said to my group of friends “Did anybody see that…” and before I could finish my sentence one of my friends said “The ball of light?! YES!”. He had been doing the exact same thing as me, mulling over what he thought he had just seen. The funny thing was is that he explained it exactly the same as I would have, which sort of proved we saw the same thing. We then spent the next 15mins or so searching the area behind the fence looking for some sort of balloon or ball that could have reflected a cars headlights at us or something, but nothing showed up.

Still no idea what it was.

– Posted by dayvie182; Reddit


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