The Flute

May 24, 2011

I was 9, my brother was 2. Manassas, Va. There was a green flute in the house, which I believe belonged to my mom. At this time, my brother was known as an extreme trouble-maker. He created problems constantly, to the point, where my parents told me that if he had been born first, I wouldn’t have existed. Pretty fucked up the more I think about it. Anyway, one night, super early in the morning (2:00 or 3:00 AM) I start hearing the flute from downstairs. I start thinking, “My brother’s going to get the shit spanked out of him…” and just sit still and wait. Sure enough, the flute sounds continue, and I hear my parents door bang open. I know it’s my dad, because he’s kind of heavy, and makes a lot of noise when he walks. I hear him storm over to my brother’s room, open the door loudly, then stop. He then shuts the door quietly and proceeds to go downstairs. The flute sounds stop, and my dad comes back upstairs and checks my room before going back to bed. The next morning, we’re eating breakfast, and I mention the flute. My dad’s face goes white, and I ask him if my brother’s in trouble. He tells me that my brother was sound asleep in his bed, and that the flute was perfectly laid underneath the kitchen table. My mom at that time was an atheist, my dad a gnostic Christian. This was only one of many unexplained events that occurred in that culd-de-sac. Our backyard opened into a soccer field that used to be a battleground. I sometimes wonder why I don’t have experiences like that (they were numerous) as an adult.

– Posted by astrobear; Reddit


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