May 24, 2011

When I was 19, I was sentenced to community service in a state park in a town I’d just moved to for a trespassing violation. On my lunch break, I took a walk through an open house at a ranger’s house which was going on. Small house, nothing special, maybe 1200 square feet. In the back corner of the living room was a closed door, about 24″ wide and which was set in an interior wall. I suddenly recalled having seen the room in a dream as a small boy and was senselessly certain that this door contained a very thin, senseless staircase.

Again, this house was small. I’d already passed a very normal and very reasonable staircase by the front door. This closet, if it were to house astaircase, would have to be nor more than 18″ deep and would have to turn immediately to the left to remain within the confines of a wall. It couldn’t server any sensible purpose, as it would be too thin and would only be 20′ away from a normal staircase.

I walked over and opened the door. It was exactly the staircase I had dreamed of ~15 years earlier as a young boy.

I should note that I am as skeptical a person as you will ever meet. I clicked this link just to exercise my ability to find reasonable explanations for everything in it. Even my own story I chalk up to coincidence, but it was very peculiar to have such a strong feeling of knowledge about something so absurd and then to have it validated.

– Posted by CloselyGuardedSecret ; Reddit


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