May 24, 2011

I remember this day clearly, although neither of my parents believe me:

I was twelve, and my sister was seven. We were celebrating St. Patty’s day like any normal American family does, hanging out and having a good time. My sister then starts saying how much fun it would be to create a small house setting for the leprechauns (tables, chairs, plastic food, Barbie clothes, etc.). Now, mind you, I had already stopped believing in leprechauns, but I decided that helping her out wouldn’t hurt anyone. We both race upstairs. At the top of the stairs is a fairly large play room, filled with toys, clothes, etc., so we decided that that would be the best place to find all of the stuff that we needed for said leprechaun house. Now, in on the wall opposite the stairs is a huge window that overlooks our backyard and our deck. The deck is attached to our first floor, but because our house was built into a hill, the deck jutted out over the hill that was our back yard. A fall from the deck could easily kill/maim anyone fool enough to jump from it. Seeing what a beautiful day it was outside, me and my sister stare out the window for a few minutes, until something moving on the deck catches our eyes. We turn our attention to it, and we see two legs squirming from under the rail that protects anyone from falling onto said hill. We both screamed, ran downstairs to check to see if there was anyone laying on the hill dead, and saw no one. It couldn’t possibly have been our parents (they were both asleep on the second floor, we would have seen and heard them get up and go outside), and at the time we didn’t have any other siblings. I’m still highly baffled by this to this day.

– Posted by lonelybluekitsune; Reddit


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