“Hell is only the beginning of fear.”

May 24, 2011

This sounds so unbelievable, that I’m sure I will be called a troll, but what the hell, here goes nothing…

First off, I’ll preface this story with the following: I am not in any way the supersitious type. I’m an atheist (not that believing in God makes you superstitious), don’t believe in ghosts, and skeptical of just about anything and everything. I definitely consider myself a man of science.

However, even to this day, and after thinking about every possible explanation for years, I simply cannot explain what happend on this one specific night in the summer of 1999:

So, my two friends and I (when we were about 12 years old), decided to experiment with a Oujia board for the hell of it because we were a couple of bored kids without a damn thing to do. My friend Tom, whose house we were at, happened to have one for whatever reason so we pulled it out and started messing around with it, expecting nothing to happen.

Man were we wrong…

So at first, it went about as expected. One of us would screw around and gently push the marker towards a letter, spelling out words like BUTTSEX and PENIS, all of us laughing hysterically..You know, standard adolescent fare. However, after a couple of minutes, we quickly got bored of this and decided to try something different…

Queue my friend dragging his younger brother in with a deck of cards. We decided to have him pick a random card outside the room we were in (so none of us could see) and write that card down on a piece of paper (which none of us could see). After he wrote it down he would yell at us from outside the room that he was ready, and we would all place are fingers on the board and ask it directly what card Tom’s little brother just chose.

Well, we all put our fingers on the board and low and behold, it moved towards a set of numbers. I don’t recall the exact number. I do however, recall the shot of adrenaline that I received after his brother walked in the room holding a piece of paper with the exact number the board moved to..What the FUCK…but okay, calm down….probably just dumb luck. After all, we weren’t asking for suits or anything, just cards.

So we did it again. And again. And again.

Each time, his brother walked in with the same number or face that we just picked, and we could only look at eachother in amazement. This went on for a solid hour or two and we tried experimenting with different things. We had the brother rip off individual calendar dates. We moved to another room and had him pick a random television channel. We even took turns going outside and being the person to pick the arbitrary number, letter, or whatnot. Everything was right without fail. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

And then we decided to ask the board personal questions now believing it to be a link to some all-knowing being. I’m sure many of you can guess what types of questions we asked (being 12 and all):

1) When were we going to lose our virginity? 2) What age were we going to die? 3) What’s the name of the women that we’re going to marry?

And I remember saying aloud, “okay Oujia board, let’s get a little more abstract here. Tell us a message.”

The answer I received was, and I quote: “Hell..is only the beginning of fear.”

Never have I seen shit-eating grins of carefree adolescents turn so quickly into frowns of pants-shitting hysteria. We were done. No more.

We never really spoke of that night again and as I mentioned before, we all fell out of touch not too far after that.

Just some added info: I don’t remember every answer it gave, but for me personally number 1 was dead on. It told me 17, and god damnt, I lost it about a week before my 18th birthday. I didn’t even remember this at the time until several weeks later when I happened to be thinking about my childhood. Unfortunately, I lost touch with both of those friends so I havent had a chance to ask them if they were right.

The other answer I remember is that apparently my wife’s name is going to be Victoria. I have yet to ever meet a Victoria, but imagine the mindfuck I’ll give myself when I finally do (providing she is somewhat attractive and whatnot). Do I engage her? Is this THE Victoria? It’ll almost be like being thrown into the center of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I simply will not know what to do with myself.

Sometimes I just want to believe that it was my friends playing a practical joke on me and that it couldnt have been real. But I know what I saw, and by George, I just don’t know how to explain it….

TL;DR: Oujia Board turned into all-knowing super being. Correctly told me when I was going to lose my virginity, and (still tbd) the name of my wife.

– Posted by Reeser; Reddit


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