A Passenger Jet About To Crash In Mid Air

May 24, 2011

I lived in an upscale apartment complex with my wife and brother about 10 years ago.

We had some friends over one night and were all smoking cigarettes and socializing out on the porch. We lived in an upstairs apartment and had a great view of the mountain range about 5 miles to the west of our complex. I remember the sun had already set, but it wasn’t totally dark out.

The international airport of our city was about 20 miles north of our complex so if you were on our porch looking out to the west at the mountain range that ran north-south, you could watch the passenger jets approaching the airport, maybe one every 5 minutes would pass by. And I could see the flashing lights of the jets very clearly.

So on this night i was the only one of seven people on our porch that was looking out west, the other six including my wife and brother were facing east looking at me or facing north. So none of the others saw what I did, they only witnessed my jaw hitting the floor when everything went down.

So, all of a sudden there was a flash in the sky that looked like lightning had struck somewhere to the southwest of our complex and out of my sight. I thought there must be rain coming. Then two more times it happened. I didn’t realize till much later that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I remember the sun had already set, but it wasn’t totally dark out. It had been a very clear evening. So clear that I could see the lights on these planes that were 3-4 miles west of us.

After these flashes happened, another passenger jet enters my view, just like the few before it, but then the jet itself flashes white and then starts to turn and descend as if one of its engines had just gone out. And this is when everyone starts to ask me, “What is it?” And just as I started to realize that I was witnessing a passenger jet falling to crash and kill all those aboard, the fucking jet stops dead in mid air and glows bright green!!!!

Not a second after it started glowing green it shot so fast in a straight line over the west mountains that it was gone before anyone else on the deck could turn around to see what I was so freaked about.

There are military proving grounds about 100 miles west of those apartments, so I always thought that there was some advanced technology that the military had that we’ll here about in 20 years or so.

Definitely a flying object that I could not identify.

And I was sober that night.

Do any of you have any possible explanations?

– Posted by NUCCADr ; Reddit


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