May 24, 2011

I was 14 years old, and went with my father, grandfather and two uncles to a fishing trip in Lake Tota (I live in Colombia). It was 4 am and heading to our traditional spot across the lake, when we heard splashing sounds near us (it was in the middle of the lake) so we turn off the engine trying to hear it. We placed it somewhere near us, towards the middle of the lake, maybe 10 or 15 meters away. So, out comes the light (big-ass military grade lamp my uncle bought from the local army detachment), as it might have been a floating buoy used to announce the presence of fishing nets in the area, when my uncle locates it, we see a swirl, maybe 5 meters wide, spinning fast near our boat. Now, this lake doesn’t have any currents that I know of and tends to be pretty damn calm during the night, so that swirl on it’s own was really weird.

Then, our of the middle of it comes something big, skin colored… There was something that looked like a naked corpse in the middle of it, floating up and down. So obviously we turn the engines back on and burn towards the edge of the swirl to try and get it back, only to see both the swirl and the “corpse” squirm and disappear when we get within a few meters from from them. To this day, nobody has any idea what that was.

Oh, and there is something that likes to lock my apparament’s door against my will. It’s a pretty useful ghost, tho.

– Posted by Iratus ; Reddit


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