Phantom Staircase

May 23, 2011

I worked for a summer doing maintenance work at a large and historic Masonic Temple in my town. I always thought the place was a little creepy. One day I took my then girlfriend to show her just how creepy it was.

We took the (only) elevator up to the top floor. We walked out and I pointed out the stairs (right next to the elevator) that go up to the roof. Only there were no stairs going up, only down, and a railing where I thought the path to the roof was. I stood there dumbfounded trying to explain that I could swear thats where the stairs go.

Finally I gave up on the idea and proceeded with the tour. When we came back to the elevator we passed the stairwell again and what do you know… There were stairs going up to the fucking roof.

I realize a phantom staircase is a weird ass thing to have happen and if we didn’t both see and discuss the incident I would have doubted my sanity.

– Posted by altern4te; Reddit


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