Noose 15ft High

May 22, 2011

First i was out for a school hike back in the day, one of those 3 day jobbies. Me and the rest of the boys (only probably 14) were playing some mundane game or another, running around like d**kheads in the scrub of wilson’s prom. Anyhow, at one stage i got cleaned up into a tree by a mate, to have a branch fall on us as we hit the trunk. We both looked up from where it came with the spotlights. There sitting probably 15ft up in the tree was a friggen noose! No one hanging from it thank god, but no idea how it got up that high, as this tree had no real lower branches to climb. That and we had run that far out into the scrub, it was the most random spot we happened across.

My other freaky moment i cannot be sure if it had nothing to do with the grog but as i was half asleep on a drive with another mate. we were cruising down a standard outback dirt road with thick scrub either side of the road. We were in a hilux with 10 or so spots on the roof+front so we lit the joint up quite well. as we drove i was bored and staring out the window and for one instand between the scrub i got a fleeting glimpse of a black fella just staring back at me. Could only have past him for a split second, doing about 60 kmph but it felt like minutes, freaks me out still now thinking about it.

– Posted by Josho; Australian 4WD Action Forum


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