I called the thing I saw inside dad.

May 22, 2011

My bedroom is on the far left of the house, with 2 windows right beside my bed with a creepy tree right outside there… YAY!, then outside my bedroom door is the hall, and directly across from my room is my parent’s old bedroom, now unused due to the roof being caved in from a limb falling into the house (fortunately while we were away). If you turn to the left from my room, is the den. Right when you walk in there is an entertainment center that blocks all of your vision of the right part of the room, you can only see straight ahead from the door until your at least 2 feet into the room. I was packing up to move to another state (fortunately, after this (although my dad’s staying there)) and I walked into the den carrying a box, saw my dad walking from right in front of the door so I started talking to him, telling him something clever I had thought up while I was in my room. He didn’t respond so I yelled for him, and he still didn’t respond. By now (maybe 10 seconds after I started talking) I was in the middle of the den, where I could see the whole room, as well as the entire room next to it. I looked outside and he was cleaning out the car.

Edit: If you need clarification, I called the thing I saw inside dad because I was completely convinced it was him, because no one else would have been in the house. Also, as soon as I saw him I checked all the rooms, and closets in the house incase it had been a robber, no one was there.

– Posted by Turtlelover73; Nosleep

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