“Mommy, there is a a magical man on the deck!”

May 20, 2011

We built a house on a lake in Michigan. The house is actually on an island in the lake, no roads on the island, no roads to the island. You have to get there by boat. There are 10 houses on this island & about 10 empty (wooded) lots, plus the center of the island is wooded, no houses.

When we were first building, my kids & I found some really old (prob. from the 40s or 50s) marbles in the water, right up by shore where we were putting in our dock. Sorry this isn’t exciting yet, have to give a little background first.

Well, we have been seeing the ghost of a man on the island for about 12 years now. My daughter first saw him one day…yes in the day…while we were walking around the island. She asked me “Mommy, who is that man”? I didn’t see anyone, but she said she saw a man sort of standing behind a tree, with a large black bag in his hand. He had a hat & a long coat on that came down just past his knees. I thought he might be a neighbor, but when we got to his house, he was mowing his yard in shorts & no shirt (no hat either). Well, I didn’t know what/who she saw, so we sort of just “dropped it”.

About a year later, my son started seeing the same man at night. We had
finally gotten the house finished enough to actually live in & many nights I would hear footsteps coming up the stairs (outside), walking across the deck & then down the path. At first, I figured it was one of our neighbors, but this happened even when we were alone on the island. I was sleeping there with my kids one night. I was having a very vivid dream and in it, I was watching a man checking out our boats on the dock. He then started walking up the stairs to our deck. It was night in my dream & because of the shadows made by the moonlight on the trees, shadows covered part of him as he came up the steps.

In my dream, I watched him walk up the steps& onto the deck. He walked across the deck, stopped and looked into the windows. Just then, my son woke me up saying “Mommy, Mommy, there is a a magical man on the deck!” I asked him what he meant & he described exactly what I was seeing in my dream, a man in a long dark coat & a hat coming slowly up the stairs, onto the deck & looking in our
windows! I asked him what was magical about the man & Jake (my son) said “I could hear him walking, but he had no legs”. In my dream, the shadows covered him from the waist down, so I couldn’t see his legs while he was on the deck! It was like Jake was seeing exactly what I had been dreaming, or was dreaming what he was seeing!

Well, from then on, my son started sleeping in the living room almost every night. He would sleep there so he could see the “magical man”. The man always did the same thing, walk up the steps, across the deck, pause to look in the windows & then go off the deck & down the path. When I found out Jake was sleeping in the living room just to see the man, it really bugged me, I didn’t want him becoming friendly with a ghost! But Jake was never afraid of the man, he said he felt the man was just coming to check on us, make sure everything was ok. My daughter saw him a few times too, and said it was the same man she had seen in the woods that one day. But, she was afraid & would not sleep in the living room very often because of it. I continued to hear the footsteps on the stairs, deck & down the path.

This went on for years & we tried to find out who the man could be. There is another island on the lake, right across from us, called Snake Island by everyone on the lake, but maps label it as Strawberry Island. A friend happened to give us an old map of the lake & we saw that Snake Island was labeled Scout Island on that map. We asked around about that & found an explanation for our ghost I think.

Back in the early 50s, Scout Island was owned by the Boy Scouts & they used to camp out there. One night, while they were camping, really big storm came up. The wind & lightening was really strong & because of the fear of fire & falling trees, the scout master decided to get the boys off the island. Back then, they used large row boats to cross the island. The scout master got all the boys in the boat & started rowing for the main land. They didn’t make it, all 8 boys and the scout master drowned. I don’t know for sure where the boatsunk, & I assume they recovered all the bodies. After hearing that story & since then finding several written accounts of the event, we decided our ghost might be the scout master. Maybe he really is just “checking on Jake”, making sure he is ok. Jake has always had the feeling that the man was just checking on him. I think the marbles we found were “boy scout marbles”.

We continue to see the scout leader on a regular basis every summer. I have also seen what I think is the boy scout boat a few times. I like to sit on the dock at night & one night while sitting there, watching the stars, I noticed a long-boat about midway between our island & snake island. The boat was in the shadow of snake island & had no lights on. thought “what are those guys doing?” So, I shined my flashlight on the boat & when I did, the part of the boat that should have been in the light, was NOT THERE! There was nothing there, but the part of the boat my light was not shining on, WAS! I could see 1/2 of a boat! I freaked & ran up to the house. But, since then, I have seen the boat a few more times & am not so scared. It just “floats” in the shadows between our island & snake island. When it gets past snake island, it disappears.

Sorry this was so long, & I will tell the story of the other ghost on the island another time.

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