Tall Skinny Man With A Hat

May 19, 2011

I am a LVN and a few years back I was working at a nursing home.I worked the evening shift 2pm til 10pm, when I was asked if I could fill in on the night shift for awhile.  I needed some overtime so I gladly jumped on the extra hours.  One night while I was standing in a patients room in the cornerof my eye I saw a tall skinny old man with a hat on walk by out in the hall. I don’t know what you call those kind of hats– they were the kind that everyman seem to be wearing in pictures from the 40s or 50s.  Anyway it was about 3 am and visiting hours were long over.  I stuck my head out of the room and quietly called “Martha” she was one of the nurses aids that also worked on thathall.  Martha popped out of one of the other rooms and I motioned her to thenurses station.  I asked her who was that man?  She said she hadn’t seen anyoneand so I went and checked the front door to make sure it was locked.  Yes itwas locked already just like I thought.  Martha told me, “maybe it was the ghost”  she went on to tell me that  other people had thought they had seen atall skinny man with a hat on.

Martha had been working this night shift forseveral years, so she went into several stories about the different people that had seen this guy.  She also told me about room 36 on B hall.  She said all the nurses aids know that there must be a ghost in there that takes care of the patients in that room.  Both of the patients in that room were comatose and both had been in that room for about two years.  Neither one of  the patients were able to press the call light (at this nursing home, there was no intercom system that would call directly to the nuses station, the patient would push the call light button and a light outside  of their door would turn  on and that’s how the staff would know they needed assistance.  Of course with patients that are comatose, nurses make rounds and check on those patients every two
hours.)  Martha went on to tell me that room 36’s call light will come on at all hours of the night and when ever they go to check the room and turn off the light sure enough one of the patients will need to have their linens changed due to incontinents.

I took what Martha said with a grain of salt, because I had never heard or seen any of this action on the enening shift that I normally worked.  A couple of nights later, the nurses aids and I were sitting up at the nurses station.  We had all just finished our different rounds and were drinking coffee and talking.  I looked up and as I looked I saw the light turn on for room 36, B-Hall.  I knew all the other girls that were working there that night were sitting right there with me.  I said “Look ya’ll there it goes”

They grumbled knowing that meant someone must be dirty and they were enjoying ther break.  They trusted that light that much.  I told them I wanted to go down there with them to see this for myself.  When we got to the room, one of the comatose patients was literally choking on their own phlegm.  I grabbed a suction machine and proceeded to take care of this woman.  The strange thing is — we had all just done our rounds, I had checked on that patient within the last hour.  If that call light had not went on, that woman may have suffocated.

I was astonished, but the nurses aids that are used to the gost of B-hall rm 36, were not astonished at all they merely said “See, he really does care about those patients!”   I’ll never forget that,  I was glad to get back to my evening shift but always was aware when I went into rm 36 that I may have someone watching what I was doing!


– Posted by CoConut59 ; alt.folklore.ghost-stories


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