And Running On All Fours Like Deer.

May 19, 2011

I’ve had the standard stuff happen to me – you know, thinking you see people or animals out of the corner of your eye, or darting around a corner, or whatever. But I’ve had much worse.

Scenario 1: My house. It’s not that old; I think it was only owned by one family before ours. Anyways, the ceilings on the second floor are about 8 or 9 feet up. Ever since I can remember, there have been handprints on the ceiling – big, long ones. Larger than a human hand, and not deformed as they would be if someone dragged their hand along the ceiling and left some sort of stain. Now that I’m tall enough, I can touch these prints – and they have a different texture than the rest of the ceiling. They’re almost powdery, while the rest of the ceiling is smooth.

Once, when I was about 13, I was eating my breakfast and I saw a thin, misty figure – about the size of a small boy – walk through my inner garage door and take its shoes off, then vanish.

One night within the last few years, I was going down the stairs and I saw a black fog moving up towards me. It was shaped vaguely like a woman. It moved through me, and I went partially numb.

Scenario 2: My apartment in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The apartment has been around since the 70s. It’s surrounded by thick forest, and is pretty secluded. My roommates and I often saw THINGS running across the road. That’s all the better I can name them, really; they were ashy gray figures, roughly human in shape, but about 10 feet tall and running on all fours like deer. They moved FAST. We saw these things probably once every week or two, and never could figure out what the hell they were. I dared to take a walk in the forest once, and within a matter of minutes out there I felt like I was being followed.

I once saw a person crossing a crosswalk on a snowy night. My car headlights shone on them. They were wearing a red backpack, jeans, a fleece jacket, and a knit cap. I looked away for only a second – to check on oncoming traffic – and when I looked back they were just gone. Completely gone.

My roommates, my neighbors and I often felt like we were being watched in our apartments. We’d be sitting at our computers, then get the chills and think we saw someone standing in our bedroom doorways. There was never anyone there.

My neighbor’s dog had a habit of barking into his owner’s empty bedroom, then running away whining with his tail between his legs.

There was a house in the woods that had been abandoned for years. A boat sitting in a garage next to the house hadn’t had its license renewed in over 20 years. I went into the house one day and looked around – old 80s magazines, 25-year-old cans of Coke, etc. Less than a week later, the house burned down. The fire department came in and put out the remnants. It caught fire AGAIN the next morning, even though all the burnt-out crap was covered with snow. Nobody could explain how this happened. I actually have pictures of the smoke coming out through the snow. After it was out a second time, I went over to check it out. There was nothing there – no wood, no glass, no foundation, NO GARAGE WITH A BOAT. Absolutely NOTHING. It was as if the whole plot of land had been erased.

I’ve seen ghosts several times. I know my house is haunted. I feel something watching me right now, in fact. Throughout the time that I’ve been writing this, I’ve had this feeling that some malevolent entity didn’t want me writing it. I keep expecting the power to shut off.

Sometimes, in my house, I wake up because someone has either whispered in my ear or caressed my face. I sleep alone, with my bedroom door locked. Sometimes I keep my eyes closed, and it’ll happen again, until I make it obvious that I’m awake.

Random Addendum: Apparently, I used to see auras. I didn’t know that I had ever done this until my parents told me a couple years ago. Supposedly I talked to them all the time about their “colors”, and asked why there was a rainbow cloud following them around. I’m not so sure I believe them, since I don’t see anything like that anymore.

– Posted by lord_nightrose; Fark


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