May 19, 2011

When my boyfriend was a kid he and his friends played hide and seek in his attic. They were running around up there when part of the floor fell away under his feet. He was right over the garage and nearly fell through. He was caught by the collar of his shirt and was half pulled up and half pulled himself up. When he turned around to thank his friends, yeah you guessed it, they weren’t there. They were over on the other side of the attic with no idea that Chris had almost fallen. The way the boards broke, had he fallen through he’d probably have been practically gutted.

He found out that some young girl had died there in a similar situation. He’s since moved . He also sees and hears things occasionally. A baby crying outside the window. A scream that he descibed as a sign of “serious shiat happening” this wasn’t some kids joking around. The sound of someone banging a stick along the radiator or walking around upstairs when he’s the only one home. He’s seen things in the mirror in the bathroom at night, and perhaps the scariest was opening his eyes, looking up at his ceiling fan and seeing something hanging on one of the blades. This was mostly during some very emotionally stressful teenage years. Things got better after we started dating, after he graduated high school, but didn’t quit until he moved out to an apartment closer to campus. Since then, nothing, although he’ll occasionally spend a night at home and call me to say he has that strange ominous feeling.

– Posted by Qsara; Fark


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