The Lady In White of Coventry, Connecticut

May 18, 2011

So in Coventry, Connecticut, there’s this folk story that goes around about “The Lady In White”.

Supposedly, this ghostly figure goes around and warns people when something bad is about to happen, something that can be prevented.

So I’m visiting family in and around the New England area. They’ve got a dog in the backyard, tethered up so it doesn’t dig its way out. Little psychotic Jack Russell Terrier. Anyways, I’m watching TV downstairs before turning in, everyone else is asleep (why does this shiat always happen when there’s no other witnesses?). This was about 10 years ago, so I must’ve been 16.

I smell something, it smells like… well, you know how roadkill smells after it’s been out for a few days? That’s the smell. The unmistakable smell of death. Then I saw her. It. Whatever. Faded, translucent figure, robed in white, simply walking its way across the backyard.

It didn’t frighten me (at the time). I had a compulsion when I saw her, though. The compulsion was to go outside, grab the dog, and bring it in. So I opened the sliding glass door, and the figure vanished.

I grabbed the dog, which was sitting there on his little bed. I took off the tether, and carried him in.

Shortly thereafter, the backyard had been infiltrated by wolves.

– Posted by LincolnLogolas; Fark


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