The Girl That Was In His House

May 18, 2011

I grew up in a small town in North Dakota. In 1988, a girl from our school was killed in a car accident. She was a freshman and was with a couple of other girls, all who had been drinking. Her family, who had only been living there about a year, moved shortly after.

Well, quite a few families have been in and out of the house that she lived in since then, as our town is near an Air Force Base, and we have lots of military families come and go. The current resident, who has no ties to our town and didn’t know anybody before moving there, started asking some people about a girl that was in his house. Several times he had come home to find a unfamiliar girl sitting in his living room. He described what the girl looked like, and no one knew who he was talking about. Finally, someone thought of this girl who had died. They went home and brought back a high school yearbook and showed him this girl (they did not tell him that she was dead)

“Yup, that’s her.”

– Posted by honk if you demand satisfaction; Fark

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