A man in a hat and coat.

May 18, 2011

The house I live in was bought by my parents in about 1983, when I joined the Army. Off and on, between stints in the army, college, and various jobs, I have lived with my parents in this house for six months here, a year there, until I got married and moved out for good in the 90s.my Dad developed brain cancer a few years ago, and I moved back to help my Mom care for him until he passed, since I was divorced by then. Ive lived here ever since (my Mom is getting up in age, so I help her out now. The house is technically 1/3 mine now, and I live upstairs and my Mom downstairs.its a big two-story, about 40 years old.)

Anyway, a restless spirit / ghost / poltergeist has been here with us the whole time. At first, in the 80s, it would be a drawer slamming shut in the kitchen late at night, or the cupboard doors slamming, or silverware rattling, at least weekly and sometimes nightly occurrence of noises of someone doing something in the kitchen in the dead of night. Loud enough to wake me from my sleep. But, no one there. It was creepy enough, and often enough, to convince any skeptic (and I am a skeptic) that we had a poltergeist. Often enough that it gave me the creeps, the shivers. But never malicious. Until.

It was about 15 years ago, before my Dad passed, that I was living here for a time during my engagement. The noises were still there, but one night, when my parents were out on the town, I was reading in bed upstairs, and noticed the outdoor porch light come on (it is motion sensitive.) Thinking my parents were back, I started downstairs to unlock the door, and as I was going downstairs, I heard the doorknob rattling, as if someone were trying to open it but it was locked. I reached the door, the rattling stopped, and I peered out the peephole..nothing. No one was there. There was no way someone could have been at that doorway, in the breezeway, and simply run off so quickly. That creeped me out totally, so much that I was almost shaking. It was the poltergeist. And it wasnt just in the kitchen anymore.

Fast forward 10 years.the year 2000 about, divorced now and just moved back to help my Dad. My then 8 year old son, who visits every weekend or so, was with me one weekend, and we were downstairs on a Sunday morning, me reading the paper, him watching cartoons. Well, the upstairs master bedroom is directly above the dining room, where I was reading, and it has some squeaky boards (the bedroom) and is unmistakeable hearing someone walking up there. The floor creaks. As I was sitting there, I hear footsteps upstairs, someone walking around..except no one was there. I asked Daniel (my son), I thought Grandma and Grandpa went to church? Him: They did. Me: Did you hear that? Him: Yeah, someones upstairs. Only, no one there. Goosebumps.

About a year later, my son asked me one morning, Dad, who was that man here last night looking at me?

Who do you mean?

There was a man on the stairs, looking at me when I was asleep. (The middle bedroom door opens onto the stairs.)

Maybe it was Grampa checking on you.

Him: No, it wasnt Grampa.it was a man in a hat and coat.

Me: Just a bad dream, there wasnt any man.

He blew it off, and went on to play games or watch cartoons. Me, I was pissed now. Its one thing to scare me, another thing again to be scaring my kid. Ghost or not, I was out to kick whoever-it-wass ass. No one scares my kid by looking at him from the stairs.

Well, I consulted my ditzy friend, she is into ghosts and ufos, sees them all the time. A real space case. She tells me, Just ask it what it wants, and if it doesnt tell you, tell it to leave. You might have to yell at it. But just tell it to leave, and it will! Simple, huh?

The next time I heard this thing rattling stuff in the kitchen, I marched downstairs, and I said to no one, What do you want? Why are you scaring us? LEAVE!! Silence. Hasnt been back since. True story.

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