She said it wasn’t a ghost but wasn’t a living person

May 16, 2011

Last night, my 8 year old daughter couldn’t get to sleep so I put her in my bed. Shortly after, she started screaming hysterically. I ran upstairs to find her extremely distressed. Once I calmed her down, she told me first she had seen a ghost of a kind, but sad man carrying a candle and a parcel under his arm wrapped up with string. She even described his clothes… blue trousers, brown shirt, braces, a cap and a handkerchief thing tied round his neck.

She then said just after, a dark silhouette of a man appeared on the landing, then walked into the room towards her and bent over her. She said it wasn’t a ghost but wasn’t a living person, he was very tall and almost reached the ceiling, he had some kind of hat or hair in a jellybean shape (curved with the bump at the top) and very scary red eyes with no pupils!!! She said he was very mean.

She isn’t the type of child to tell tall stories and her vivid descriptions have compelled me to investigate more, even though I’m not particularly a ghost believer, but have an open mind. I have had a little look on the internet and have seen several stories of ‘Shadow Men’ which seem to accurately fit the description of this dark silhouette my daughter saw.

– Posted by Emma E(164) ; Netmums


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