His Cowboy Hat On The Elk Trophy Head

May 16, 2011

one of my close friends died in November of last year. we worked together, and that’s how i had met him.

well every year my work has a tree decorating contest between each of our 5 locations, and the winner gets a prize, etc etc…

so the Christmas before last the theme for decoration was a western-style deal, so he brought in this cowboy hat to put on top of the tree instead of a star. when christmas passed by they took the decorations down and he tossed the hat up in the air and it hooked on an antler of this huge elk trophy head thing thats above the store entrance. they couldnt really get it down without a giant ladder either because this hat was roughly 16-18 feet above the ground, so they just left it there.

so a few months after his accident in november (around february) one of my employees is walking out of the store and he turns around to me and says “so they took that hat down that was up there?”

i’m like “huh?” and i look and sure enough, the hat is gone.

nobody had seen anyone take it, and taking it down would have drawn some attention because they would have either needed at least a 14 foot ladder or a really, really long grabby tool. it was just gone.

but thats not the best part.

best part is, a few days later, it turns up.

in his wife’s closet.

– Posted by petite_fouine; ONTD


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