A Hand On Her Chest Slowly Pushing Her Back On To The Bed

May 16, 2011

We moved to a big ass house in Altoona, PA. The house used to belong to a nice lil old lady, Mrs. Gibson. She died in the house, in my little brothers room, a few years ago prior. The new owners had a hard time getting locals to live there…but the family moving in from dearborn Michigan…no problem.

didn’t really notice anything at first. but as the first month progressed, item were moved to areas of the house they shouldn’t have been. shadows didn’t line up correctly from where they were cast from. doors became locked on their own.

( this door locking problem was extra nerve-wracking because in addition to a standard dead bolt on all exterior leading doors, there was a separate lock in which you could basically lock yourself in…no knob to turn, just key entry. Mrs. Gibson was, in a word, wacko )

Personally, I’ve only seen her twice…neither time did she have anything to say to me. she just went about her business in the pantry. Both times were in the pantry and my encounter lasted only about 10 seconds.

My parents had the best interaction with Mrs. Gibson tho. a lil lackluster, but freaky none-the-less.

They had their own sets of dressers. my fathers dresser had solid knobs to open the drawers, while my mom’s had lil pull tabs like these. they made an annoying *plink* sound when the handle fell on the back plate.

So late one night, my mom sleepy eyed hears that plinking sound…over and over and over and over. For some reason she thinks it’s my dad sitting in front of the dresser just flipping the handle up-down-up-down-up-down.

Just as she rolls over gets ready to sit and yell “cut it the fark out joseph”…or something to that effect, she feels a hand on her chest slowly pushing her back on to the bed, as my dad whispers ” i hear it too, keep quiet.”

this lasted for about 10 minutes…mom only caught the last 3 or so minutes of the plinking.

i’ve been told mom had a conversation with Mrs. Gibson later that month…well, not a face to face one, but one of those talking into the air when she found our piano moved. One of those ” well, we’re going to stay here until the kids are grown, so you’ll just have to put up with us.” kinda things.

deep down i think Mrs Gibson was happy to have kids in the house again tho.

– Posted by Tresser; Fark


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