The Wheels On The Bus

May 15, 2011

I’ll start mine off with a brief explanation. My house is most certainly haunted. We live in Oklahoma in a small hick town and the house is run down with walls like cardboard and it’s about 70 years old.

This happened this past October at my house when we had three kids and about six adults with us. It was around 11 or 12 oclock wednesday morning. My husband, myself and four of our room mates were all gathered in our tiny kitchen, just chatting as we were dishing out eggs and bacon on plates in a line.

We all stopped what we were doing and stood completely still when we heard a little girl’s voice singing “the wheels on the bus go round round round” clear as a bell… from underneath our fridge. Right next to us. No television was on, no radio. Everything was turned off.

For a second, I thought it was our youngest girl Abigail singing in the house or something. But then I was promptly reminded by her mother and my room mates that all the children were at school. Oh God I could have peed. We still hear her around the house every now and then, but she tends to linger near windows and mostly in the kitchen. She never did learn a new song, but she laughs a lot at night.

– Posted by valtristus; ONTDCreepy


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