Pot On My Head

May 15, 2011

My sister’s old roommate Ed worked for TAPS like 3 years ago for a few months and I drove him home for Christmas once. OBVIOUSLY I asked him about it and this is what I can remember!

When you first start to work for them they don’t immediately take you out on investigations, you need to work for it. They start you off answering the phones and he said it was pretty devastating to hear the stories that some people were telling him, people were always crying and were fucking terrified when they called. He said that was the most unsettling parts.

Eventually he went on an investigation to John Chapman’s house (Johnny Appleseed) and he played me some of the evps he had on his macbook. They were fucking clear as day answers to what him and some other dude were asking. The only one I can remember (since this was 3 years ago) was that they asked ‘what do you look like?’ or something along those lines and the ghost answered ‘pot on my head’..hahaha..the ghost was fucking with them. So he came to the conclusion that it was probably the previous homeowner that passed away a few years ago.

I wish I could remember more!

– Posted by julia_a; ONTD


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