Please Leave.

May 15, 2011

My friend and I like to go to cemeteries and ghost towns in search of weirdness. There were two accounts of paranormal activity that happened on two different occasions. The first was at a cemetery near my apartment. We brought our other halves ( mine is skeptical ) and a tape recorder. While we were waiting my fiance decided to act up and pretend to talk demonic or something and I scolded him and told him to wait in the car. As the rest of us sat there silent my friend Miranda asked a question. Is there anyone here? Then plain as day a males voice said ” Please leave. ” We tried to get it to say more but there was nothing. That’s it. When we got back to the car we played back the tape and heard nothing but static. My fiance didn’t believe us needless to say. Typical. The second time something weird happened, it was just me my friend and her husband. We drove to Belle Plaines Texas which is a ghost town. We were in search of the cemetery there. We drove all damn day looking for it. We had Googled the map but we couldn’t find the place. We were about to leave when a car pulled up out of nowhere. Literally. For miles there was just flat landscape. We would have noticed an approaching car in broad daylight. Anyways, an old couple rolled down their window and asked us if we were lost. Miranda told them we were looking for the cemetery and the old couple advised us that we passed it a few yards back. They told us to follow them, to show us the way. So we did and sure enough there it was. We couldn’t believe we passed something so obvious but it wasn’t there when we were driving up and down that road. The couple then told us that their plots are at the next town over. I didn’t get it. It was like they wanted us to go to theirs. We thanked them for their help and they drove off into the distance. Night fall was coming and there was just enough light to see the headstones. As we made our way to the back we spotted a single grave by itself. The name read C. Green. No dates or anything but the name C. Green. That came as a shock because Miranda’s husbands name is Chris Green. If that wasn’t weird enough the sun was down by then and we were standing in darkness. All of a sudden we heard something loud like a train but it sounded like we were right on the tracks but there wasn’t a train for miles. We ran back to the car as fast as we could and the noise was getting louder and louder. When we got back in the car the car felt like it was vibrating and there were shadows surrounding the car. Chris booked it out of there as fast as he could. We were rattled in the car and made a promise to come back some other time. It was one of the most heart pumping things I’ve ever witnessed.

– Posted by Unknown; ONTD


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