My Son Would Always Wave

May 15, 2011

When my ds was around 3 yrs old we were on my way to see my gran when he suddenly said, Granny is poorly, I said no, she’s fine, when we got there the ambulance was there, she had had a heart attack!

The one that sticks in my mind the most was when ds1 was about 2. My grandad would pick me and my son up every Thursday and we would go to his house for the day. On the way we would drive past an old grave yard and my son would always wave. After about 4 weeks of this I asked him who he was waving to and he said “that little girl there mummy, she always waves to me when we go to grandads house” This carried on till ds was about 3. I always think I would like to take him there now just to see if he remembered or saw anything (he is 8 now) but I’m a bit scared to!

– Posted by Cherilyn (2) ; Netmums


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