Melted Into The Floor

May 15, 2011

This isn’t about my boys but my own sister and me.

When we were younger (I would have been about 7 and my sister 10) we moved to a new house. Well, it was an old house that had been rebuilt and an extension added. When I say old I mean the original part of the house dates from late 18th century.

My mum only told me about this a few years ago as she didn’t want to scare us!

When we first moved in my mum woke up in the middle of the night and saw a woman about 5ft with blonde curly hair and dressed in old fashioned clothes standing, leaning over my dad and watching him sleep. She thought she was still dreaming so closed her eyes and opened them again. She was still there and my mum said she sort of “melted” into the floor and disappeared. She never mentioned it to me or my sister.

A while later I remember my sister waking up in the middle of the night screaming her head off. She said there had been a lady at the end of her bed watching her and she described the very same woman my mum had seen. Mum just told her she must have still be dreaming and left it at that.

A few times when I was in my room my books used to come off the shelf by themselves and I’d get a feeling when falling asleep that someone as stroking my hair.

My mum spoke to a friend who was a minister and she said that often when old houses are rebuilt the spirits come back to see and its almost like they don’t want you in their house.

The last time my mum saw the woman she was again leaning over watching my dad sleep and my mum spoke aloud and said to her:

“This is our house now, we’re happy in this house and we aren’t going to leave”.

We’ve never seen her again.

– Posted by Shona D(8); Netmums


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