“La la la la la la.”

May 15, 2011

I’ve told this one here before, but the abridged version..

I was in one room. My mother was in another room down the hallway. Suddenly, I hear a little girl singing. You know that universal taunting noise? “Na na na na na na!” It was in that rhythm only, “La la la la la la.”

I hurried out into the hall just as my mom hurried out into the hall. We found only my cat standing there with her back arched and her tail puffed up. I’d been insisting the house was haunted, but my mother hadn’t believed me until then. We both relayed what we had heard to each other and sure enough, “La la la la la la.”

I’ve witnessed other weird things with people, but that one was probably my favorite. I mean, I heard something. My mother heard something. The cat heard something. I suddenly felt really vindicated that now when I insisted the house was haunted, I had witnesses who couldn’t say I was just seeing/hearing things… Not that the cat could corroborate my story, but still…

– Posted by almostindigo; ONTD


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