Just Sucked Itself Into Thin Air

May 15, 2011

I got up to go to bathroom at about 2am last night, sorta half asleep, but definitely NOT dreaming or sleepwalking. I did my business, came out of the bathroom, and there was something standing in the corner of the living room, sort of crammed in between the wall and tv. I honestly thought it was Brian leaning over the tv to check the cables in the back, but it didn’t move at all. It just stood there. I wasn’t really afraid at first, since it didn’t really have a face or anything, just a long shadowy thing that I couldn’t figure out what it was. But then it sorta shrunk into itself. Literally, it just sucked itself into thin air…and was gone. I didn’t really freak out until the cats came flying off the couch with their fur all puffed out. I got the hell out of the hallway and back into the bedroom, and I locked the door. I was close to crying, I was so afraid. I didn’t wake up Brian since he was fast asleep and probably wouldn’t understand what I was saying. But I didn’t get shit for sleep the entire night, and now I’m terrified to sleep here tonight. All I can think about is seeing that thing in the corner of our bedroom and slowly tuning into some demon or something.

– Posted by Chas S; Yelp


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