He would feel really sleepy after she “removes it”.

May 15, 2011

A rather old story, but one I’m telling for the first time.

My aunt has a particular sensitivity. She’s a very religious Catholic & does a lot of spiritual and exorcism work in Indonesia, where there are lots of local stray spirits, many of them malevolent. She has shared a lot of creepy stories about the people she’s healed as well as the spirits she’s exorcised. There are elements to her descriptions many of us would associate with Hollywood exorcisms (screaming, speaking in tongues etc) but I’m far from skeptical since I was able to experience it for myself.

She flew here and stayed with us for a holiday (we live in Australia) and made a comment about something being off about my dad when she arrived. My mom & I were a little wary, since anything my aunt says always ends up legit and should be taken pretty seriously, but we didn’t really see anything off with him so we kinda dismissed the comment.

Then one night while we were all in the middle of having dinner together, my dad just suddenly stopped eating – like, literally dropped his fork and stopped. And then he started speaking frantically in gibberish, in a language we couldn’t understand, and his pupils dilated and he looked clammy. At first I thought he was just choking on his food (that was denial talking) but after it kept going feverishly, I was really seriously fucking scared D: but my aunt kept her head together, and told my dad to stay calm, and that he would feel really sleepy after she “removes it”. She said a quick prayer and my dad seemed to calm down a bit … but he didn’t really seem himself. He sort of gestured towards this charm hanging above the kitchen door. It belonged to the previous house owner, it was there ever since we moved in and we never thought about it.

So my aunt, without asking any questions, quickly ripped the charm off and started a small fire and burned it in our backyard and said some more prayers. As soon as she finished doing this, my dad completely zonked out into a deep sleep o__O The weirdest thing, and the thing that still creeps me out to this day, is that I also zonked out into a deep sleep even though nothing had happened with me … had something been removed from me as well?

My dad woke up from the ordeal rather hazy, and my brain was a bit fogged too when I woke up, but we were alright. Even after my aunt flew home she called periodically to check if we were okay, and we were, but I don’t know, the whole experience still weirds me out to this day. I’ve heard theories about how things will follow you around more the more sensitive you are, so maybe it was because my aunt was there that we had this experience, but at the same time I was really grateful she was there to keep my dad safe.

This is irrelevant to the above event, but my aunt would also make random calls to us sometimes, and ask things like if my dad’s right leg was okay or not. My mom and I would be completely puzzled until my dad came home and he’d tell us he’d just injured it (and he hadn’t told anyone yet). She’s done this many times … she also somehow knew when my sister fell pretty sick even though no one had told her, considering she was miles away in a different country/continent and all.

Her daughter, my closest cousin, has apparently inherited her sensitivity. I know it’s mean to say this but I’d hate to be her – she sees spirits that she’d rather not see and she gets really frightened over it. One of her friends had died from a poisoning accident and one night, she woke up and saw him (or maybe something else with his face) standing next to her bed. Of course, she pretty much had a heart attack and bolted out of there – I would too.

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