Face Of a Man Wearing A Hat

May 15, 2011

I was sleeping over at a friend’s house when I was 14. Earlier in the day, for a second I thought I saw someone walking on her upstairs balcony…but nothing was there. She didn’t see it and wasn’t even looking that way. I thought I was just seeing things.

Later at night we were in bed…we were supposed to be sleeping but we were messing around.

I decided to suddenly move the blinds to try to scare her (they were vertical blinds)…but when I did it…we both saw the face of a man wearing a hat…and then it disappeared after the blinds stopped moving. And the upstairs balcony was outside of her window! We both had a shocked reaction at the same time and she described the same thing I saw.

It was weird. Nothing like that ever happened apart from that day…I’d been to her house many times and she said nothing creepy had happened in her house before.

– Posted by fakeplasticblah; ONTD


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