Along with a lady dressed in all black

May 15, 2011

When I was about 1-2 years old,my parents took my two older brothers and I to visit my grandparents in Mexico.One day,we went to visit an aunt of ours who lived a few miles away.To get to the house you had to go through the center of the city and through these small streets,it’s like a maze.

After a while,my parents lost track of me and I ended up walking out of the house.My parents finally realized I was missing and of course bricks where shat.They started looking for me,and called the cops.

Meanwhile,back at my grandma’s house,my two older brothers were outside playing.My oldest brother looked down the street and saw me walking up the road along with a lady dressed in all black,but he could not make out who it was.He turned away to tell everyone I was there,and when he looked back,I was alone.

When I reached them,they asked who I was with,and I told them that it was our great grandmother…who had been dead for quite some time

– Posted by acidpops7; ONTDCreepy


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