a white kimono with a 3-pronged candlestick headdress

May 15, 2011

I’m living in Japan now, and lots of my friends have really scary experiences. I guess the most extreme one came from my boss (he used to be able to see ghosts when he was younger, apparently) -Sorry if this is tl;dr

One day my boss wanted to meet up with an old classmate of his, Asako. They decided to meet at a popular location meeting place in Ginza (Tokyo). However, when the day came, he waited for a few hours but she never showed up. Thinking she forgot or he got the day wrong, he went home (this is before they had cell phones, btw).

Later that night he called her, but she was mad at him for standing her up. Apparently she’d gone, but they had missed each other. Since Ginza is a pretty central part of Tokyo, they laughed it off as having passed each other in the crowd or something and made plans to meet at the only exit of a smaller train station outside of the city.

But the next time, my boss ended up waiting a few hours again, only this time he asked the station employees to make an announcement asking Asako to come meet him at the exit. Still, she never showed up and he went home.

He called her again that night. She insisted that she’d been waiting there at the exit like they’d promised. He mentioned the announcement, and she said that she’d heard it while standing right there at the exit, but no one else was around. Naturally, this really creeped them out so he suggested that he and his girlfriend Yukiko go to Asako’s apartment to meet her that night. She agreed, and my boss and Yukiko headed over right away.

When they got there, everything seemed normal. They spent the night drinking and talking and having fun, eventually missing the last train. Asako offered to let them stay overnight and pulled out a futon for them to sleep on next to her bed.

Somewhere around 3-4am, my boss woke up suddenly, unable to move. When he opened his eyes, he saw Asako looming over him from where she sat on his stomach. Her eyes were black and her face was pale, and her long, straight hair was hanging down onto my boss’s face (think Sadako from the Ring). She was wearing a white kimono and had a headdress made of a 3-pronged candlestick with burning candles. As she moved closer, her hair started to blow around in a nonexistent wind and catch fire until he could feel the heat on his face.

He began to really panic when she reached for his neck, and he tried to call out to Yukiko but his voice wouldn’t work. She started squeezing his neck, all the while whispering something that he couldn’t make out. Suddenly, he was able to yell out and he heard someone moving on the bed. He turned to look and it was Asako, looking sleepy and confused. He looked back up at the woman strangling him and she had disappeared, his girlfriend Yukiko lying on the floor nearby instead. He didn’t tell them what happened so they wouldn’t get freaked out.

About a month or two later, he went to a traditional play with his girlfriend. One of the characters was the ghost of a vengeful woman who’d been betrayed in her past life. Her goal is to hunt down the reincarnation of the man who betrayed her and kill him. She was pale with long, black hair and wore a white kimono with a 3-pronged candlestick headdress, and her hair would catch fire from the burning candles on there.

When he later asked an expert friend about it, she told him that he’d betrayed a woman in his past life, and that spirit lived inside Asako. When he’d tried to meet up with her, his protector spirits had prevented them from seeing each other to keep him safe. However, when he’d directly gone to her apartment, he’d trapped himself in a place where she could attack him. She said he was lucky to be alive.

– Posted by coffee_hanjan; ONTDCreepy


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