4ft Tall Shadow

May 15, 2011

Oh yes indeed… This happened in my early 20s. Myself and 3 friends were at one of the friend’s house and we were sitting in the kitchen at the table playing a board game (RISK, b/c we’re that nerdy).

Where we were sitting, myself and my friend T were facing the living room and the hallway to the right of it. My other friends D and S had their backs to the living room and hallway.

So we were just sitting there, hanging out and T and I were waiting our turns. We see a black shadowy shape — like a hunched over person, about 4 feet tall move from the right side of the hallway across the hall to the left and go into one of the bedrooms.

The wall where this thing came from has NO DOORS and was an outside wall — nothing on the other side of it. There were 2 small windows but the shadow-figure did not pass near them.

T and I look at each other but say nothing and then proceed to peer intently at the hallway. D and S, seeing our expressions sort of FREAK OUT and turn so they can see the hallway.

After about 30 seconds… the shadowy shape moves from the bedroom across the hall to the right, passing through the wall and disappearing through it.

T and I were up like a flash and run down the hallway. The wall and bedroom door where the thing passed was noticeably colder than the wall around it. (There was an a/c vent but near the end of the hallway so it was not blowing on the wall or door).

We calm down and decide to not say a word but instead to write down what we saw. After doing so, we compared notes and all of our stories matched up perfectly.

Still no idea what in the world it was. There was no feeling of evil or unpleasantness about it. It was just a really freaky thing.

– Posted by cynical_ghost; ONTDCreepy


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