“wouldn’t it be weird if it happens, and so if it does I told you, right?”

May 14, 2011

My folks moved to the States when I was young and left the rest of their families in England. We hardly ever see the closest of them, and as for the extended family, never. Well, my mother always used to tell the story of how her sister dreamt that their father died a few days before he actually did. (He came home from work, took a nap and never woke up.) No big deal, thought I. Cut to me at about 18 or so. I have this dream where someone, I think an aunt I’ve met maybe once, tells me that my Uncle died. I don’t remember ever meeting him, but I think I did a few times as a kid. That morning I call my friend and tell him the dream, just as a “wouldn’t it be weird if it happens, and so if it does I told you, right?” Well, two or three days later my Mom tells me that she got some bad news from her sister and that my Uncle was dead. I call my friend to check that I did indeed tell him first, and he corroborates. I was a bit freaked. My aunt dreamt about a family death before it happened, and I did too. The thing that freaks me out the most is that I’m adopted and not even blood related to them… nor was I ever close to that part of the family. I don’t know what to make of it.

– Posted by kyuzokai; Fark

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