Would Still Wave To My Dad And Say Hello Each Day Without Fail

May 14, 2011

My dad has had a lot of experiences, but I’ve always found this one really interesting.
Due to the layout of his neighborhood, he could see into his neighbor’s backyard through his back fence and vice versa. His neighbor had a beautiful garden that he would spend hours taking care of. My dad always saw him pruning the trees, pulling out weeds, and afterward, the neighbor would relax on a chair with a drink and newspaper. My dad would always wave to the neighbor and exchange greetings. This was a daily occurrence. My dad went to Louisiana for a couple weeks, and noticed that upon his return, the yard was a bit more messy but the neighbor would always be in the backyard each day, with his drink and his newspaper.
As the weeks went on, my dad noticed that the yard started to fall apart and didn’t look as nice. But the neighbor was still there and would still wave to my dad and say hello each day without fail. My dad wondered why the neighbor’s son wouldn’t help his father with the yard, and mentioned it to his sister one day. My aunt said that the neighbor had died during my father’s trip to Louisiana, but she had forgotten to mention it to my father.
His reaction and my reaction to the story: “Wat.”

– Posted by himmelhilf; ONTD


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