We Don’t Talk About That

May 14, 2011

ok, so when i was younger, we used to go winter camping for girl scouts. we’d always go for midnight walks. my mom was the leader and she’s pretty much fearless. so, we’d been out walking for about an hour and she was like, “ok, how about we head back.” and i started bitching because i looooved the midnight hikes and she got really close to me and said, “please don’t, we need to go back. now.” and so we all headed back to the cabin. she made us all go to the bathroom right then so we wouldn’t have to go back outside later, then she locked all the doors and we just stayed inside the rest of the night.

she didn’t tell me anything until like a week later. she works at a restaurant and the DNR/police come in a lot, so she’s pretty good friends with them. she told them she saw some huge footprints that looked like someone’s bare feet, but twice the size. and the cop, who is a family friend, got really serious and said, “first, we don’t talk about that. second, you should never be out walking at night in those woods.” and pretty much made her promise not to go out there again.

a few years later, a retired DNR guy told my mom he requested to be moved somewhere else in the state when he was out cleaning the trails one day and something started hurling rocks at him. and not just like pebbles, but huge rocks that he could barely life, let alone throw.

and THEN, i had this professor who told me about his uncle who lives out by Seney (if you don’t know where it is, think bumfuck middle of nowhere, but with a wildlife refuge.) and he says his uncle is a completely sane man who doesn’t just make things up. and he was watching tv one night in his living room and his wife and kids were asleep. he saw some movement outside, and thinking it was a deer, he turned on the floodlight. and there was a huge thing standing in the yard. said it had to be at least seven feet tall and a couple hundred pounds. he says the thing stared at him for a few seconds, glaring, then pounded his chest a few times and ran off.

– Posted by merenator; ONTD


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