The Only One Down Here

May 14, 2011

so a few years ago my friend and I were bored at like 2am and decided to get out her tape recorder and try to record something interesting, because she clearly had some sort of spirit in her basement (lots of stories for another time). anyway, so we turned it on, she said something like “if you have something to say, say it now”

so we waited and waited and cooked popcorn, listened back, nothing happened, did it again an hour later and when we listened back, we heard whistling. you could hear us talking in the background (we were a few rooms over) but the whistling was right next to it, and no one else was home. so we’re looking at each other like what the fuck and then some guy screamed into the recorder “WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE DOWN HERE?” like, screamed so loud it got distorted.

I’m not even joking, we hauled ass out of there and slept at my place. I get chills every time I think about it D:

most of it happened when she was alone, and she was a brilliant pianist and he(?) loved when she played piano (that sounds cheesy but w/e) and would open the top a lot and slam shit around until she played it. then it would leave her alone for days as if it was ~content.

but then it would throw balls and gloves and stuff at her. another time I was sleeping over and the door was shut but we could hear him dragging around the exercise equipment and when we opened the door it was all piled in front of her door. idk. tbh I don’t think it was mean, just a brat.

we would close doors and turn off lights and it would open them and turn the lights on all the time. we could always tell when it was “lingering” because the cat would refuse to go into it’s room. if you tried it would scratch you like a bitch. just little shit like that. I live across the country now but she still texts me weekly about various doings by him

– Posted by giant_totoro; ONTD


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