The Man In The Groves

May 14, 2011
Long story, but this really did happen.

When I was a kid I lived in a town with a lot of pecan groves on the outskirts of town. Weird things would happen down in those groves – people would get killed, go missing, get lost, see weird stuff, etc. I always thought the stories were a bunch of b.s. and didn’t pay much attention. I went to school in the city and didn’t have much occasion to even go to the groves very much.

Later in life I made friends with some people who had gone to elementary school at a school that was right next to some of the groves. They claimed that when they were on the playground, they would occasionally see this weird guy in a long coat, dark hat and dark glasses watching them from the groves. He would never come to the fence or talk, and they would see him and then the next time they looked over he would be gone. Again, I thought this was all b.s. and that they were either making it all up, or this guy was some old pedophile that hung around the school, and they should have told their parents or teachers about it, not made up a bunch of stupid crap about an evil spirit or whatever.

Then, one night when we were in high school, we were coming back from a party at the river. Getting home necessitated driving through the pecan groves close to the elementary school my friends had attended. The party had sucked and we hadn’t even been drinking. We’re being teenagers, screwing around, laughing, not watching the road, etc. All of a sudden out of nowhere, a guy is standing in the middle of the road about 20 feet away from the car. There’s no way we’ll be able to stop in time and not hit him. My friend who was driving stands on the brakes and we come to a screeching halt. There’s no way we haven’t hit this guy, yet we don’t hear an impact and we don’t see him in the road anymore. The girl in the passenger seat gets out of the car to look in the road. At about that same time, the girl sitting next to me in the backseat starts freaking out and screaming about how we have to get out of there. I look out her window and there was the guy, standing in the trees on the side of the road. We booked it out of there as fast as we could.

I never drove in the groves at night again, and years later none of us can really even talk about this story without getting totally creeped out. I never believed much in ghosts before that, but I do now.

– Posted by whiskeytangowife; Fark

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