The Auras Leaving The Patients

May 14, 2011

Back in the 70’s when paramedics were in their infancy the local Community collage would have ER nurses work with paramedic students on IV’s, assessment, reading monitors etc. One night on 3-11 I had a group of paramedics to work with, I put two in ICU, one in CCU, one in Step-down and 2 in the ER. The night was going on just fine except for a code in the ICU. I continuously made rounds and carried a beeper. Around 9PM I was on my way to the ICU and came accross one of my students standing in the hall. I asked her the problem, she said that she could not go back into the ICU (now this was a really bright and talented individual). I asked why, she said that I would think that she was crazy and I did. She said that she could not look at all of the auras leaving the patients. She had seen one earlier and the patient coded and now she saw 3 more. OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKK I said how about you go over to step down, before she went I asked which beds the three patient’s were in. The next morning I was at work in the ER at 7. Just for a chuckle I went up to the ICU. All three patient’s that she told me about had died during the night. She was a great paramedic but when she brought patients in I never asked about their aura!!

– Posted by murph; Allnurses


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