The Angel Of Death Is In My Room, Please Help Me

May 14, 2011

I work in LTC, and have had many strange things happen. The one that stays with me the most is a resident I had that NEVER came out of her room, for any reason. One night she came running down the hallway, eyes were wild, screaming “the angel of death is in my room, please help me!”It took a looong time to calm her down, and some good old xanax, but when we took her back to her room, she said” oh I’m O.K. now, he apologized to me because he said he had the wrong room”.I asked her where he went and she pointed to the room next door.I worked the next night, and didn’t think too much more about it, until my tech came running to tell me Mrs. so and so had passed on. It was a resident we weren’t really expecting to go at that time. Guess which room she was in? Yup, in the room where my other resident had said the “angel of death” had gone the night before!Still gives me the creeps to think about it!

– Posted by tngranny; Allnurses


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